What goes around comes around

181109 - Mown Meadows.jpg

It’s not unusual to have projects which take considerable time from commission to completion. However, in the case of Mown Meadows, this process has taken more than 8yrs, which is a record for the practice.

Back in 2008, we were commissioned by the then owner of the site to develop designs for a residential building plot in the rear garden of an existing large Victorian house situated in a Conservation Area at Middleton St George, near Darlington.

After exploring several options, the client’s preference was for 2 detached 4-bedroom homes. Both houses, approx. 2,500 sq ft in size, were designed with the other properties in the local Conservation Area in mind as well as the external materials and decorative details of the existing house on the site.

In spite of a number of near misses, over the years the site remained unsold and we consigned the plans to our archive.

However in 2017, a chance mention of Mown Meadows to a new client, Atha Developments, changed everything. They saw the potential in the site, bought it and asked us to create a more open plan living environment to increase the properties desirability and value.

The new plans resulted in a complete redesign of the internal layout to accommodate contemporary living, a fifth bedroom, together with a large garden room and garage.

Both properties were completed in October 2018 and have been listed for sale.

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