Matthew Layford joins Niven

­Niven are excited to welcome Matthew Layford to the team. Matthew has just graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelors of Architecture and joins Niven as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant. He is looking forward to gaining a wealth of experience during his year with us. Matthew is keen to involve himself in as many projects as possible, both in and outside the office.

Born in the North East, Matthew says many of his favourite buildings are in the region “My taste in architecture centres around buildings that provide journeys and curious experiences, especially modern buildings that can root themselves in their site and explore the history of the area.”

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Thesis Project

Project: Experimental Industry

 Site: Dunston Staiths, Dunston

The Dunston Foundation for Experimental Production was my graduate project, and features some of my highest quality design work. My studio’s brief pertained to scientific exploration and experimentation, and its applications in the field of architecture. Dunston Staiths was the site of a fire in 2008, wherein a portion of the East side of the Staiths was destroyed in an act of vandalism. My brief was to produce a facility that filled the gap and revived the Dunston Staiths, giving it new functions as a prefabricated building foundry.

The Staiths themselves would become a frame for these prefabs, and experimental architecture groups and independent design studios would be encouraged to design their own prefab maker studios to fill these frames. As this would be a bustling production facility, I made sure to design the building for efficiency and functionality. It features six floors with wide corridors for forklift access, as well as three main cores for housing freight elevators, stairs and plumbing.

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