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BIMMING fantastic !

BIMMING fantastic !

03 Jul 2017 | Written by Karen Crowe

Our first event may have turned out to be BIMMING fantastic but there is no guarantee that people will turn up to what you’ve planned.

However, we need not have worried about the inaugural #BIMtees17 event ‘BIM: why and how?’. In fact, we actually had the opposite problem with people turning up who had heard, informally, that it was on and who turned up speculatively: the event was was by invitation. However, thinking about it now I guess we shouldn’t really have been too surprised: interest in the event was high from the start and, most importantly,  we were sure that the content suited the much-changed landscape of BIM and would strike a chord with a wide range of people within the construction sector.

When we first considered organising this type of event we felt strongly that a new formula was needed.  By now,  people have heard of BIM but it’s clear that confusion remains high regarding the benefits of BIM adoption which has, seemingly, become clouded by the hyperbolic marketing of BIM technology. Our decision to focus on the ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ clearly registered with the audience, made up of key decision makers from within the contractor, consultant, property and legal sectors in the North East region.

The feedback from the night was fantastic. Two of our four sponsors; Digital City and MOBI also gave presentations. John Adams, Director of our digital sister BIM Strategy, pitched his presentation perfectly and encouraged attendees to follow up the presentation by developing questions for the #BIMtees17 webinar to be held the following Wednesday.  The Webinar was open to all and gave an overview of the #BIMtees17 event and offered an opportunity to ask John some burning BIM-based questions. In total, more than 100 people took part in one or both of the events which far exceeded our expectations and totally justified the decision our sponsors and supporters, Digital CityCIOB, ICE and MOBI made to support this event.

It was also particularly encouraging to welcome so many visitors to Darlington. Hopefully, #BIMtees17 has helped to put Darlington on the BIM map and make far more people aware of the innovative work that goes on outside of major cities.

If you are interested in following John Adams’ BIM webinar series, you can sign up here