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NXTBLD....I knew it was the place for me

NXTBLD………..I knew this was the place for me

19 Jun 2018 | Written by Karen Crowe

In keeping with our ethos as a tech-focused design studio,  John Adams and James Anderson from our digital sister, BIM Strategy, attended NXTBLD in London last week in order to check out the emerging technology trends that will soon be the new ‘norm’ within the construction industry.

NXTBLD has a very different focus to other BIM events. As John says in his blog; ‘It’s not about standards or schemas and not one person mentioned file naming conventions; it’s about tech being used to visualise, prototype and engage people with how we can improve what we do.’ It, therefore, looks beyond BIM to such as VR and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, generative design, reality modelling, IOT, and digital fabrication.

It’s fair to say that both – albeit for very different reasons –  were incredibly impressed with what they saw and returned full of ideas for how this tech can be incorporated into what we do.

Click on John and James’ names to read their individual reviews of the event.