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The time for Tough Mudder has arrived

The time for Tough Mudder has arrived

27 Jul 2018 | Written by Karen Crowe

Have you often queried how quickly time passes when you’ve got a challenge ahead of you? Have all those (forgotten) promises to go out and train suddenly caught up with you?

Well, this has certainly not been the case here as Niven and BIM Strategy embark on the first of our summer of (charitable) challenges. Quite the opposite:  Stu, David, Steve, Liam, and James have been busy preparing for their Tough Mudder event for some weeks now with regular lunchtime runs and after work bike rides being added to their normal routines. All very commendable, but probably also very sensible as Tough Mudder can be quite a challenge, especially in the current heat.

Time has now (almost) officially run out and the team is due to face their challenge tomorrow at Boughton Hall near Skipton. Our fundraising total for the Great North Air Ambulance is looking healthy – we’ve nearly reached our target of £500 but if anyone would like to help us exceed it then feel free to support GNAA here

Looking forward to cheering the team on tomorrow and to seeing us exceed our 1st fundraising target.

Good luck guys!

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