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Middlesbrough Council has commissioned Niven to create a Design Code to set out the acceptable principles of development for a greenfield site south of Nunthorpe.

Nunthorpe has both a unique presence and community in the Middlesbrough area: its roots can be traced back to the Doomsday Book and the area has a long-standing reputation for setting the standard for high quality housing/living. The purpose of the design code is to ensure that the development of Nunthorpe Grange becomes a positive extension to Nunthope, providing both high quality homes for new residents as well as additional facilities for those already there.

The guidance in the document should ensure that a contemporary high quality development is created at the design stage which is then retained throughout the approval and construction process. As envisioned, Nunthorpe Grange should combine unique and distinctive character with some of the features that already make the area a highly desirable place to live.


Location: Nunthorpe, Middlesbrough

Client: Middlesbrough Council

Status: Ongoing

Role: Architect

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