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Niven has recently begun working with Middlesbrough Council to help bring forward the successful development of over 1,600 homes on a 140 hectare site in Stainsby. The first stage of this process will involve engaging with the local community though public consultation events after which detailed concepts will be developed.

The vision for the Stainsby area is to create a new community on the western fringes of Middlesbrough which is characterised by neighbourhoods of modern and contemporary housing designed to meet the needs of the local population located within an outstanding landscape setting. Integral to the development are green corridors containing footpaths and cycle-ways which link individual neighborhoods and the surrounding residential areas. New tree planting areas, public open space and ecological areas will all be fundamental to the vision.

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It is proposed to create and incorporate:

  • A new sustainable community.

  • A new country park with provision for play, exercise and informal amenity.

  • High quality housing to meet the aspirations of Middlesbrough’s population.

  • Utilise the beck corridors and local wildlife area to enhance the environment of the area and contribute to creating an identity and character for the development. This will provide extensive net additional open space and community access to that currently available.

  • Green corridors through the development to define character and link wildlife and green areas. This will include extensive tree planting and ecological areas.

  • Improved access, including extensive dedicated cycling and facilities that connect to existing networks.

  • Provision for a new bus route.

  • A through access route designed to incorporate measures to control traffic speed and provide safety for all road users.

  • A new primary school and facilities to serve the new and existing communities.

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This Stainsby project follows successful projects we have completed for Middlesbrough Council at Nunthorpe Grange and Darlingtonn Council at West Park Garden Village


Location: Stainsby, Middlesbrough

Client: Middlesbrough Council

Status: Ongoing

Role: Architect


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