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Niven completed a Masterplanning exercise for a 200 acre site on the north western edge of Darlington. The site, which consists of land owned by the developers, Bussey & Armstrong Projects Ltd and Darlington Borough Council, will provide up to 1200 homes, a school and sports facilities, a medical practice and food retail outlet.

West Park Garden Village follows the principles and ethos of the early twentieth century Garden Village Movement. Niven have embraced these, updating them for the 21st century by focusing on sustainability through the use of sustainable urban drainage (SUDS), retention of hedgerows and existing trees, as well as the creation of a linear park around the fringes of the site.

Two phases of Public Consultation process took place and the project was submitted for outline planning permission in October 2014. The development will take 15 years to complete, with work due to begin on site in 2016.


Location: Darlington

Client: Bussey & Armstrong Projects Ltd

Status: Completed

Role: Architect

Niven - West Park Garden Village Masterplan.jpg
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Niven - West Park Garden Village Masterplan Landscape Plan.jpg

Landscape Plan

Niven - West Park Garden Village Masterplan Site Analysis.jpg

Site Analysis


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