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Project management in a digital environment

Building Information Modelling, which is nearly always referred to as BIM, means much more to us than creating 3D representations of our award winning designs.  We started our BIM journey here at Niven over eight years ago and we’ve learnt that the key to success is using the right technology to support the people, processes and standards needed to deliver great projects for our clients.

It’s not just about our architecture, BIM is a collaborative approach to delivering value for the whole lifecycle of a building project by collecting and using information throughout. This is why we work with OpenBIM and Level 2 standards to allow us to work with other construction professionals and clients in a managed process regarded, internationally, as best practice.

To keep us at the cutting edge we also maintain close relationships with our academic partners in the North East. Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Teesside University was assessed as ‘Outstanding’, springboarding us to success at International Build Live 48hr BIM competitions and leading to the formation of our digital sister business BIM Strategy

We don’t use BIM to tick a box, or even to avoid being caught out by the UK Government mandate; we use BIM because we know from experience that it’s a better way to deliver high-quality architecture.