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Developing sustainable communities

Spaces need to be well planned, well designed and well maintained in order to provide communities and individuals with a high quality of life. Effective masterplanning can help ensure efficient, economical and sustainable use of space thereby creating high quality private and public realms.

With a wealth of masterplanning experience behind us, we aim to assist clients to create developments that have a sense of ‘place’: ones which sit well in their surroundings and are responsive to the natural and social context of the location. This facilitates well-designed, economically viable and unique developments that benefit everyone.

What we can provide:

  • Draft layouts/spatial plans/flow diagrams & site analysis
  • Massing models
  • Public consultations
  • Strategic frameworks (aims, objectives, functions statement)
  • Implementation plans (how the vision turns into reality)
  • Project co-ordinators
  • Outline planning applications
  • Local development plan applications
  • 2d & 3d visual plans/3d fly-arounds